Frank LoBue


All things baseball and Yankees.

Frank LoBue has been a devoted baseball fan since he was a child. His love affair with the sport started when he was eight years old during the 1977 World Series. That year his favorite team, the New York Yankees, faced the Los Angeles Dodgers in the world series for the ninth time. Watching the Yankees score home runs and beat the Dodgers is a lasting baseball memory for Frank. From that moment on, Frank followed the sport closely and played the game as often as he could.

When he was 11 years old, Frank LoBue joined his first baseball league. He credits his older brothers with getting him involved with actually playing the sport and learning the game. After playing in little league, Frank played in Babe Ruth leagues for three to four years before going to high school. During his freshman year, Frank made the varsity team.

One of Frank’s best memories from high school is when his team won the Staten Island championship. Another highlight of his high school career was during the playoffs when his team beat one of the best teams in the area, George Washington, while a reporter from the New York Post was present. Their team was stacked with 5 professional prospects. It was the quarterfinals, and Frank had missed the first two games of the playoffs due to being hospitalized. Frank didn’t start, and during the first inning, when his team was down 6-1 the coach asked Frank if he could go in, so Frank grabbed his glove and started pitching. The only way to win would be to shut them down for the next 6 innings. His team ended up coming back and winning the game in dramatic fashion 9-7 on a game-winning grand slam by his All-Star first baseman.

Recently relocating to Fort Myers, FL, today Frank LoBue continues his love of baseball as a coach for his son’s little league team while also keeping up with the New York Yankees. 

Professional Overview

Frank LoBue has been known for being professional, easy going and someone you can trust.  Flexible and adaptable to each unique client’s needs while being very knowledgeable to the local markets. He brings his personal and business life lessons to each interaction. Many years of retail business and sales experience makes him a great choice to partner with when making your decision on buying. He comes from a family of builders, architects and real estate professionals which helps in the decision making process. This Hoboken local has been in town for 10 years. Proud dad, husband and baseball coach whose children are involved in the local school events, baseball, soccer and hockey leagues.