Biggest World Series Upsets

The World Series has seen some major upsets in the past years of the game. When the underdogs come out of a Wolrd Series victorious, fans have their interest rekindled in the game of baseball. Baseball offers players and fans to experience the game in a different way than other sports. Fans can appreciate how teams face off in series rather than one game. One game can swing the favor towards..

Top 6 Pitchers of 2017

These six pitchers are regarded as the all time best from 2017. The stats from these pitchers in 2017 shows promise in many more seasons to come. The ranking order of these pitchers may vary from person to person but there is no doubt that in 2017, these pitchers ranked in at least the top 10 of any baseball critics opinion.

The Greatest Hitters of All Time

With so many superb players it is hard to decide which one is the greatest of all-time. Although many of the players on this list are regarded as the best hitters, they have proven themselves proficient in other areas of the game. This list compiles players who are arguably the greatest hitter in all of MLB history.

The Best Wood To Make Bats

The topic of what makes the best baseball bat has been argued by baseball fans for years. New materials and procedures have made bat-making an art form. This article explains the different materials used to make bats and which ones are considered to be the most beneficial. What is your personal preference?

Unbreakable Baseball Records

Some records you just can’t break. Major League Baseball has some records that are considered unbreakable. These records have withstood the waves of skilled baseball players over the years and new developments in sports training. Some of these records may surprise you!

Baseball and America

Baseball has a special place in American history. The game of baseball has been around for a long time and holds significance in shaping American history. People like Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson changed the game and the way Americans view it.

Valuable Baseball Cards

Those old baseball cards you used to trade when you were younger could have a lot of value with them. Dust off your old baseball cards and see if you acquired any one of these extremely valuable ones along the way.

Baseball and Cricket

Baseball fans say that baseball is derived from cricket. There are some aspects of the game that are related to cricket. The two sports vary in some major and minor ways. In this article i will talk about the similarities and difference that each sport has.