America’s favorite pastime, baseball. Paul Gallico explains the experience of baseball when he says: “No game in the world is as tidy and dramatically neat as baseball, with cause and effect, crime and punishment, motive and result, so cleanly defined.” Many baseball enthusiasts have shared their love of the game across the internet. This article will talk about some of the best baseball blogs to follow today.


MLB Trade Rumors


MLB Trade Rumours is the leading blog site talking about potential trades and free agent signings. MLB Trade Rumours serves as a reliable source for its content because of their team os established sports journalists. The site is owned by Tim Dierkes who is a lifelong Cubs fan but promises that his bias does not affect the material posted to the site. MLB Trade Rumours was created in 2005 and now has a massive following.


Joe Posnanski’s Blog


Joe Posnanski’s Blog is an all-time favorite in the baseball community. Joe is a sports columnist for several big-name sports outlets. Joe writes for NBC Sports, Sports Illustrated, the Kansas City Star, The Cincinnati Post, The Augusta Chronicle, and Sports on Earth. Joe has also written four books. Paterno, written by Joe, became New York Times No. 1 seller. Joe has received a number of awards. Joe was named sportswriter of the year by the National Sports Media Association and dubbed the national columnist of the year by the Associated Press Sports Editors two times. Along with a long list of other accomplishments, it is easy to see why Joe Posnanski’s blog ranks as one of the top sports and baseball blogs to read.


MLB Blogs


MLB blogs is the official blogging site of Major League Baseball. The MLB monitors the blog, so it is a trustworthy source for all things baseball. The MLB blog brings in content from fans, players, media groups and other aspects of the game to engulf baseball lovers with a wealth of reliable information.


Beyond The Box Score


Beyond The Box Score has a masterful team of writer and contributors to give baseball fans the news they want. The blog talks about how trades will impact teams and breakdowns of awards. The site also holds player profiles, draft rumors, and opinion and fan pieces.


Just Bat Reviews


The title speaks for itself. Just Bat Reviews is dedicated to providing cutting-edge reviews on the latest and greatest bats used by the pros. The site allows you to look through bats by age, level of play, size, material, and even fastpitch or slowpitch. For the bat junkie in you, Just Bat Reviews is the site to go to.