Coaches have a tremendous impact on young athletes, and they hold a lot of influence in their lives. Although many people think of the lessons learned from winning and developing skills when they think of youth sports, the relationship between young athletes and their coach is equally significant. Young athletes watch coaches model leadership, communication, and sportsmanship by observing their coaches. 

Coaches Need to Recognize Their Ability to Influence Youth

It is important for coaches to be aware of how much influence they have on young people. In addition to coaching, they are mentors and help children learn appropriate behavior when things don’t go their way. Kids are impressionable, and they are watching everything their coach does. 

Coaches need to be observant and listen to what the kids are saying. They should help them build character so that they can grow and succeed in life. In fact, many famous athletes can point back to a youth coach who had an impact on them when they were young. They can learn values, ethics, and behavior by interacting with their coaches. 

What Does an Influential Coach Do?

In looking for a good coach, there are certain characteristics that stand out. They help young athletes build confidence by teaching them that they are capable of reaching their goals. They help these kids believe in themselves. 

In addition, they give feedback to the kids and their parents. They let them know what they are doing well and where they can improve. They demand respect and show respect, and they do not compare players to each other. They also minimize any overtraining and provide good instruction. 

How Coaches Can Improve

The best way for a coach to improve is by sitting down and considering different factors. They should consider their own morals and values, and write down how they feel about work ethic, communication, attitude, and more. 

They need to understand their own goals as a coach, and they should learn about their athletes in sports and outside of it. It is important for them to be open and honest with parents and athletes. 

By working to improve at these skills, coaches will have a positive impact on young athletes.