When players warm up for baseball, they prepare their bodies to go through everything they will do in the game. It is important to make sure that you warm up your entire body before playing, or you won’t play as well, and you risk suffering an injury. Take a look at some great warm up exercises for baseball players.

Start with Three Exercises

The following three exercises will help to increase core temperature, get the blood pumping, and increase the heart rate. There are general guidelines, but you can customize to suit the player’s level. Make sure that they do sweat and increase their heart rate before moving on.

  1. 50 Jumping Jacks
  2. Skipping with arm circles (40 yards)
  3. Side Shuffles with Arm Swings (40 yards each direction)

More Great Warm Up Exercises

  1. 12 Rollover to V-Sit-Up: With this exercise, you add a dynamic stretch of the lower back, hamstrings, slutes, and groin in one exercise. 
  2. 12 Yoga Push Ups

When players do this exercise, they stretch the scapula or shoulder blade in an upward rotation. It is a great exercise for pitchers and other position players. They can work at push ups, and until they are able, shorten how far down they go. 

  1. 10 to 15 Seconds Isometric Holds

This exercise can be done in several positions, and it helps to warm up your shoulders and activate your upper back muscles. It is a great exercise for players who are getting ready to throw. 

  1. Hip Thrust with Overhead Reach: (6 times on each side)

This exercise helps players get their glutes activated. They do a glute bridge and stretch their thoracic spine to increase upper back mobility. 

  1. 5 Bouncing Inchworm to Plank Exercises with 3 Second Plank Hold

This is a great exercise to activate the players’ cores. They will get a dynamic stretch of the hamstrings, ankles, and calves and finish up by holding the plank for three seconds. They should keep the hands out in front to really get the core warmed up. 

  1. Offset Lunges with Hip Lift and Thoracic Spine Extension (5 times each leg)

This exercise has the players lunge to the side, and then they drive the knee for a groin stretch. Then, he will throw his hip up for a hamstring stretch. Next, he can come down and do an overhead reach, which mobilizes the thoracic spine and stretches the pecs.