Baseball is America’s favorite past time. Because baseball is so popular in the United States, it is only fitting to have enormous stadiums for fans to watch the game. The rise of baseball’s popularity has led to new and improved stadiums around the country. In this article, we will discuss some of the largest stadiums in the country.


Dodger Stadium


Dodger stadium is home to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The stadium is located in the city of Los Angeles and serves as a major attraction when visiting the west coast. Dodger Stadium stands as the largest stadium in the country and has the means to expand if needed. Dodger Stadium can hold 56,000 spectators, and it has been designed to expand to 85,000 seats. The stadium is the third oldest stadium in the country and was completed in 1962. A fun fact about Dodger Stadium is that it was the first stadium to be entirely privately financed.


Yankee Stadium


Yankee Stadium is the finest stadium on the east coast. The Yankee Stadium is a relatively new stadium, finishing construction in 2009. The stadium began construction in 2006. The Yankee Stadium can fit 52,325 people in the seats. The total cost of the stadium’s construction came to be 2.3 billion dollars and was paired with much controversy. New York natives met the development of the stadium with harsh criticism about loss of public green space and overspending.


Coors Field


Coors Field is located in Denver Colorado and is home to the Colorado Rockies. The stadium can hold 50,445 spectators and includes a vast amount of luxury suites and club seats. Construction of the stadium was completed in 1995. The original stadium had been planned to hold almost 8,000 fewer seats before the completion of it. A sporadic rise in baseball supporters changed the total number of seats in the stadium to accommodate.


Turner Field


Coming in at a close fourth place under Coors Field is Turner Field. Turner Field is located in Atlanta Georgia. The stadium was built in the wake of the 1996 Olympics and initially had many more seats. Reconstruction of the stadium after the 1996 Olympics resulted in 50,095 seats overall. Turner Field is home to Atlanta’s national leagues and continues to be a tourist attraction for the city.