Over the years, Major League Baseball has seen some enormously successful players at bat. The argument could go on and on about who was the number one greatest hitter of all time. This article will not talk about who was number one, but instead, list some of the most well-known hitters in Major League Baseball history. Hopefully, with this list of players, you can decide for yourself who the greatest hitter is of all time.


Babe Ruth


The Great Bambino, The Sultan of Swat, The Caliph of Clout. Babe Ruth is known by many names, and he is also known for being the greatest baseball player that ever lived. The Babe transformed the way baseball was viewed in the public eye. His dominance across all aspects of the game brought the curiosity of the public to baseball. Babe Ruth earned himself a staggering .690 batting average in his hay day surpassing all averages to date. Although, some will argue that he competed against a limited talent pool and that before the color barrier was broken with Jackie Robinson one cannot argue that he was the greatest. Despite those factors, Babe Ruth was a natural at the plate and in the field and easily ranks among the best in the world.


Willie Mays


A holder of twelve consecutive Gold Glove Awards for his outstanding performances in the outfield, Willie Mays earns his spot as one of the greatest hitters and overall players of all time. Over his career, Mays stacked up 660 home runs and 1,903 runs batted in. Mays led the New York Giants to win the 1954 World Series and was awarded Most Valuable Player twenty times.


Ted Williams


Despite giving up five years of his life for military service, Ted Williams consistently ranks in the top twenty greatest baseball players of all time. Ted’s highest batting average reached .406 in 1941 leading the Boston Red Sox team in batting averages six years. Williams was also considered one of the best fisherman, and fighter pilot during his time and earned himself the title of the all-time greatest in multiple professions.


Hank Aaron


Racking up 755 home runs during his career is the legendary Hank Aaron. Aaron held the record for most home runs for thirty-three years and was known to some by the name “Hammerin Hank.” Hank earned 2.297 runs and 6,856 total bases on top of his impressive home run record. Aaron ended his career in 1976 with the second most hits and runs scored in Major League Baseball.