One of the hardest things to do for nearly any athlete is to hit a baseball. Some of the greatest sports heroes ever, couldn’t put the bat on the ball no matter how hard they tried. Even players talented enough to make it professionally, have an on-base success rate of less than 33%.

Hitting a baseball is difficult, but consistent contact can be made if you swing properly. Here are some three tips on how to swing a baseball bat correctly, great suggestions for any level of competition.

Solid Foundation

A good baseball swing starts with your base. You need a good foundation to productively make contact with a baseball. When your foundation is unstable, your swing will be erratic; as well will be the results. Work on stable stance that establishes a solid foundation. Establishing a solid foundation does not dictate what type of stance you choose.

Hitters use closed stances, open stances, or other odd looking variations. The component they all have in common is sturdiness. Feet are spaced approximately twice the width of your hips, with slightly bent knees and your body weight shifted towards the balls of your feet.

Open Your Hips

This is one of the more difficult aspects of properly swinging at a baseball. When your hips open too soon, you will be behind the pitch. Opening your hips too early will cause you to swing over the ball, or be too far out in front.

Rotating your hips at precisely the exact instant the bat makes contact with the ball is how to generate the most power from your swing. The most accomplished hitters refer to this concept, as launching your hips. The stance and hip rotation are where a hitter’s power is generated.

Can’t Hit What You Can’t See

Tracking the ball is one aspect of hitting a baseball. It cannot stop at any point during your swing. If your eyes drift, so will your head. When you pull your head off the ball, you will compromise your swing. You will not make solid contact, and frequently miss the ball completely.

Most of the time you’ll miss the pitch completely, or at best make poor contact. To keep your head down and locked, never take your eyes off the ball. The best hitters profess to actually seeing the ball make contact with the bat. Good hitters insist, you cannot hit what you cannot see, so focus on the ball to help keep your head down.

The proper baseball swing begins with the stance. Once a solid foundation is established, you will be able to generate power behind your swing by launching your hips. Throughout this entire process you must keep your eyes focused on the ball. Practice these three valuable tips to help perfect your baseball swing.