Do you remember having a baseball card collection as a kid? You owned all of your favorite players on your favorite teams and couldn’t get enough of them. Baseball cards would be all you talked about with your friends. You would compare cards and dream about one day having your face on a baseball card. That collection of baseball cards could have potential to sell for a lot of money. Some people may not even realize that they have a valuable baseball card in their possession. In this article, I will talk about some of the most valuable baseball cards and what price people are willing to pay for them.


Honus Wagner


The Honus Wagner, white border baseball card is the most valuable card you can have in your collection. Even in poor condition, the American Tobacco Company Honus Wagner trading card sells at nearly one million dollars. The baseball card only has about 50-75 cards on the market which raises questions about the lack of production. Rumors have spread about Wagner protesting the tobacco company that printed his card and also wanting the payment to use his image. Whatever the reasoning is, the Honus Wagner card has remained the most valuable trading card.


Mickey Mantle 1952


The Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps card is a high-value card for some reasons. 1952 is the first year the Topps began producing baseball cards. This card is considered a “high number” cards from Topps. A vast majority of these unique high number cards were thrown into the ocean launching the value of the card.


Ty Cobb Back


The Ty Cobb card was produced from the same tobacco company as the Honus Wagner baseball card. This particular version of the card has a brand advertisement attached to the back of it. The Ty Cobb baseball card with the advertised back only has twenty-two in existence. The card has an estimated value of over one million dollars.


Babe Ruth Rookie Card


The Sporting News Babe Ruth rookie card is easily one of the most valuable baseball cards in existence. The card features the great bambino in a Boston Red Sox uniform before they traded him to their rivals, the New York Yankees. Some of the Babe Ruth rookie cards have a variety of advertisement backs, but most of them have blank backs. In good condition, the Babe Ruth rookie card goes for over one million dollars.